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Emily 1

Emily has been around for quite a few years now. Almost 10 already; how time flies! Do you, for instance, remember Emily’s tea Garden, or Emily’s Taste of Fame? Everything looked a bit different back then! Let me take you on a little trip through the wonderful Delicious series…

Emily 1

Once upon a time…
The official 1st and 2nd game (they didn’t have titles, just Delicious & Delicious 2) focused on different kinds of restaurants with different sorts of food. Fun games to play, and almost vintage now, but they didn’t have stories yet.

So, why were we inspired to create a story around Emily? Well, actually it’s you who inspired us to do that. You’ve often told us how you loved Emily and the other characters in the games. That’s why the 3rd game, Delicious- Emily’s Tea Garden, was the first game with a real story! We introduced new characters like Francois, who would become Emily’s best friend ever. He did look different as you can see, but you know what they say… men get better looking with age!

francois 1

Delicious – Emily’s Taste of Fame followed, and after that we released Delicious – Emily’s Holiday Season. This last one is still one of our favorite games, and one of yours as well as we see on Facebook! The story is about Christmas, love and family. Heartwarming! The next game, Delicious – Emily’s Childhood Memories, shows you where Emily grew up. You see the first time she rode a bike, her first kiss, and you meet her little sister Angela (who has her own awesome game as well now)!

angela 1

In Delicious – Emily’s True Love (another all-time favorite) Emily learns that sometimes love is just around the corner. She travels the world to discover her mystery love is Patrick from the flower shop next door! The two have been in love ever since, and they had a very romantic wedding (despite it almost going wrong…) in Delicious – Emily’s Wonder Wedding. Their honeymoon in Delicious – Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise wasn’t quite what they expected it to be… They met their entire family on the ship, and Patrick accidentally got left behind on an island with Emily’s ex-boyfriend Brad! Whoops! Luckily everything turned out fine; the two had an adorable baby named Paige and settled down in Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning and Delicious – Emily’s Home Sweet Home.

Delicious – Emily’s Hopes and Fears is the latest game in the series. In this story Patrick gets to be a true hero as he undertakes a perilous journey to the end of the world where he faces dangerous challenges to save Paige’s life.


Thank you!
So, here we are now. We’ve created a game series with 12 seasons already, and we can’t imagine a life without Emily anymore. We laugh and cry with her, and to us she truly feels like family. We hope we can continue to move you with our stories for many more years to come. I’d really like to take this opportunity to thank you for putting sparkle in our lives. With Emily we try to give some of that back to you.

81 thoughts on “The Delicious series

  1. Emily has a history in my family , first my mom used to play it then my older sister and now me , although I cant purchase any of the games and I missed all the stories I had a crazy idea , so is there any possible way emily or rather delicious can have a tv show or a movie series ? It’ll be super awesome !!!

  2. Love these games so much have bought all and I play them again and again and see something different that I missed because I was trying to get three stars etc so fun to play when pressure is off lol also really love Angela game and Allison that was a challenge and I love love Cathys Crafts as I am a crafter even with its bugs I know it will get better as when you are new everybody has to learn I have been home sick for a few years now and these games are a great bright spot in my day Great work

  3. I have purchased ALL of the delicious Emily games and I LOVE them!!! I also bought the Heart Medicine one as well and liked it. Keep them coming 😀

  4. Have you ever thought of doing a game based on Sharon and her daughter, with Emily and Paige as part of the storyline?

    Sharon intrigues me. Is there a “Mr. Sharon,” or is he the reason Sharon is such an unhappy, overbearing person? Does she have anything in her life besides her daughter and the town council? What are her background and family like?

    I think you could really build an interesting storyline around her, and all the pageant material.

    Just a suggestion!

  5. I have all 12 games on my computer and also I got some on my phone as well I can’t put all of them all on my phone not enough memory but I love Emily and the crew it is a really fun games

    • i totally agree i love playing the emily games but cant afford to buy them all so wish they was all completley free to play the full game

  6. Have you not played the game you’re describing? Brad was her boss, not her boyfriend. She even pretended Francois was her boyfriend to get Brad to stop hitting on her.

  7. I love this series and I so hope this is just a thank you letter and not a “we have finished the series” post because that would make me sad. but I really do love this series (I haven’t finished them all yet but I almost have)

  8. I am an avid fan of the Delicious games and have all but the first two- keep checking the App Store to see if Emily’s Tea Garden and Hearts Medicine, for that matter, are yet available. Can’t wait for Angela’s to be a full game and for Emily’s next chapter

  9. I keep checking the App Store to see if the Tea Garden is available yet for my iPad. I have all the others- just waiting for Angela’s to be a full game and, of course, for the next chapter in Emily’s life! Rabid fan!

  10. I really like playing the games! Will Emily and Patrick have another baby???? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

  11. I have every game and love them sooo much, especially since Patrick pops up and of course Paige. She is so cute. I hope there are many more games :)

  12. Love this series of games. Have been a fan from the very beginning. Love the latest with the addition of Allison from Hearts Medicine. Looking forward to the next installment of that series as well as the full game for Angela. Next up is Francios.

    • I love restaurant games and delicious came at a good time I don’t have the 1&2 or the tea garden but everyone after that it is so much fun to play and like so many I’m very attached keep her stories coming bravo bravo!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Have been lucky enough to play Emily with you from the beginning awesome stories, as soon as I finish the latest game I’m waiting to play the next, hope she stays around for many more years. Thank You 😊

  14. I have every game except Delicious 1 & 2 and I will get both those when I can get a new computer. I can not down load them on my tablet. I have been a fan of Emilys for 10 yrs, its hard to believe its been so long. Looking forward to Emilys Tea Garden, being released for tablet, and for future adventures our favorite family may have. love to all.

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