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Have you seen all the beautiful illustrations of Delicious – Emily’s Hopes and Fears on Facebook? Amazing…aren’t they?! Before sharing my images on Facebook, our artist draws many sketches to get the perfect piece of art. Because some sketches are already so amazing, I created an Instagram account to share those. Today, I would like to introduce Lisanne to you; she’s the one who makes all illustrations and sketches for Facebook and Instagram!

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What’s your name? Lisanne

What is your job? 2D artist at Gamehouse Europe

Best thing about being an artist? The best thing is that I do what I love most for a living, really. Drawing and art for me are part of everyday life just as much as breathing is; I can’t even imagine a life where I wouldn’t be drawing! That I can actually make a living off of it is amazing. What I love about art overall is that I have an outlet for all the characters that run around in my head, and their stories. I love drawing people, and I love telling stories! What’s very cool about working as an artist is meeting many people who like the same thing, which can lead to very cool collaborations and awesome friendships!

Most awesome drawing you ever made? It tends to vary for me, because it’s usually one of my latest drawings that I like the most and I have a lot of personal artwork that I’m very proud of. If we’re talking Delicious only then it’s usually the quick sketches. I love sketching and I tend to like them more than the finished products. I’m also really happy with the drawing of Tapeesa’s baby, and the one where Emily reads Paige a bedtime story. Also, the D12 trailer where poor Paige is in the hospital!

What do you like about Delicious? The games themselves are very addictive, hehe. Unlike a lot of other games, Delicious tells a real story: there are a lot of memorable characters and that is super fun to work with. It hits you right in the feels! 😀

Who is your favorite Delicious character? Paige for sure! She’s super adorable and I really have a lot of fun drawing her because little kids are so expressive: you can get away with drawing movements and expressions super exaggerated. Also, it was fun coming up with ideas for what she would look like as she grew from a baby into a cute little girl; Emily for example has a more or less steady design already but Paige’s design is still developing as she ages; who knows what she will look like in the future!

What Delicious game do you like most, and why? Probably Hopes and Fears! I love the adventurous mood of it: finally Patrick gets his moment in the spotlight, and of course the stakes are very high because Paige is so sick.

Career highlight? I really loved working on the trailer for Delicious 12.

What is your favorite film of all times? It would be impossible to pick just one; I have a million films that I love!

If you could time-travel, where would you go? If I could time travel, I’d be all over the world! It’s not so much places I would visit, but people, really. There are so many interesting historical figures; I’d want to meet some of them first hand.

19 thoughts on “Meet Lisanne!

  1. Grazie per aver contribuito a creare questa serie Delicious !

  2. I am a 48yr old, and i love The Delicious games, Also Angela’s ones as well. One problem i have is they are highly addictive. look forward to hopefully many more. Thank you Again

  3. Love all the Delicious games. You are one talented young lady. Is Emily based on someone you know or yourself? I think she looks rather like you. Keep drawing we so love Emily x :)

  4. Love all the delicious games. Played them all
    I think your a very talented artist. I just love your illustrations.
    God bless you. Look forward to more of your amazing talent.
    Thank you.

  5. I love all the delicious games to play, every game has it own story, and your art work is sooooo beautiful done. I never get bored playing those games. When I look at your picture and look at Emily, I can not help it, you have a look like Emily, and that is meant as a positive compliment, especially your eyes and smile. Delicious games are popular,
    so, I say, keep doing the good work! And thank you for introducing yourself;

  6. I totally love these Delicious Emily Games, I myself have played everyone so far, The best one so far is Emilys wedding and the Honeymoon cruise, the wedding game I liked because of the challenges you have, now I can’t wait for the new Angelas games to come out, You did a great job creating this Family !!!!

  7. Love this game! Thank you for all the wonderful work you do, it is a big part of what makes it the best games for me!

  8. I love love you guys for making these awesome games. I own every single one including Angela’s mini game. I play them over and over until the next one comes out.

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