Delicious in the clouds!


How much fun would it be to play Delicious games while you’re in the air? Well, since a few weeks ago, you can! TUI offers several Delicious games to enjoy on board their planes for free through their TUI Cloud service. You can play them on your own tablet, mobile phone or laptop. To make your trip even better, we’ve also published an entire page in the TUI in-flight magazine; it’s full of exciting stories about our Delicious games.


As you might know, this year is very special because we’re celebrating Delicious’ 10th anniversary. So on top of all the other fun, the TUI cabin crew surprised the passengers of four flights with these amazing orange polka-dotted sunglasses.

Currently our games are only available on TUI flights that depart from the Netherlands. In the future, we hope to offer Delicious games on flights departing from other destinations and on other airlines as well.

Start your holiday on the plane, and let the journey be part of the fun!



10 thoughts on “Delicious in the clouds!

  1. I am so dedicated to Emily and all her games i have them all but i can’t play cook and Go because i don’t have type of phone. I am a disabled person that doesn’t have alot of money nor an iphone……and i would love to play this game… I have all the others including the new angela’s game and i will have the Hearts game as well. I love time management games but my truly favorite is all of emily’s …please bring cook and go to PC……….i feel so left out …cuz i can’t afford to play this one…due to not being able to afford and Iphone………..thanks danielle

  2. I love all the Delicious games so much! Come to the US, Emily! I’m going to be you for Halloween! So excited for all the games coming up, and your sister’s too! <3 xoxo

  3. J’adore tous les jeux d’Emily et j’attends la suite d’Angela. Je joue sur pc et sur IPad. Vive Émily et son équipe !

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